Conference on High Risk Pregnancy & Fetal Medicine

Venue: Grand Hyatt, Kochi | Kerala

Dates: 1st - 3rd November

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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome Everyone to Our CME Pericon 2019 !!

We started our ART unit in 1996 after getting established as one of the premier infertility centres in India. We understood the importance of looking after these precious pregnancies got out of infertility treatment that initiated our effort to start fetal medicine unit in 2000.

To create life was hard work but to sustain it till birth is an even more difficult job. Any complication, maternal/fetal is more in infertility treated pregnancies and therefore the need to have special care for this group was understood by us and this led to the birth of our fetomaternal unit. This year, in Pericon 2019, we will share with you our experience and protocols that we have successfully used to deliver IVF treated pregnancies and hope to pave the way towards optimal perinatal care for this group of patients.

Fetal medicine is no longer the new kid on the block like it used to be when we began this journey into the realm of the unborn pt, more than a decade ago. We had the opportunity to deliver the first PGD baby of South India in 2001.

We have had the opportunity to train more than 100 medical professionals including obstetricians and radiologists in the field of fetal medicine who are now providing standardized fetal care all over India. Today, we are one of the only three institutions in India ( other two being Maulana Azad Medical College, Delhi and Fernandez Hospital, Hyderabad.) to have a FNB programme in high risk pregnancy and Perinatology.

Fetal therapy has caught the imagination of the medical fraternity, the possibility of cure within the uterus. But we have to ask ourselves; are we actually curing them or prolonging their misery? There is a huge difference between cure and palliation. They are not two ends of a spectrum. In Pericon 2019 along with a host of other topics, we will try to clinically analyze the evidence of the current forms of fetal therapy and try to answer the pertinent question about fetal therapy “Are we there yet?”

Pericon 2019

As another decade in this new millennium comes to an end, “Fetal Medicine”, the fastest growing branch in Obstetrics is breaking new ground paving the way to optimum feto maternal care. This year, we try to bring you the latest in this field, along with a peak into the future. The past will be reminisced, the present will be discovered and the future will be envisaged in this year’s Pericon. Each topic will have three parts what we have learnt so far, what is new and in which direction our research should be heading. The highlight of Pericon has always been the clarity of our invited speakers. And this year, along with the best national speakers, we are happy to have Prof. Lindsey Allan who will not only teach us the nuances of fetal echo but also take us through her journey in this exciting field of fetal medicine. Keep your seats reserved for the conference/roller coaster ride of the year, Pericon 2019.